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The Anti-Social Network

This has nothing to do with The Oscars, as they’re rather boring to me. I haven’t seen the movies and usually like the complete opposite of “The Academy.” However, “The Social Network” was nominated for a few little statues, which brings me to my point today—Facebook.

Let me give you a little background by saying the fact that I have a semi-functional blog is no minor miracle. While I am quite sharp in certain cognitive and creative realms, technology is not one of them. SEO, HTML, JPEGS—to me it all looks like a bad Scrabble draw.

Dump the letters, try again.

So it’s a good thing I hold no delusions of my blog leading to fame and fortune, because I would have no idea how to even attempt to pimp myself out and maximize SEO or cater my writing to keywords. I think I would have to be rich and famous so that I could hire someone to do it for me, at which point it really would serve no purpose other than to feed my ego (or my id, depending on the day.)

I write because I feel like I have something to say and if I don’t get it out, there is the possibility of spontaneous combustion—or at least increased crankiness. Writing is the best way I know how to get things out and for some reason, I like the security of knowing I have the chance to go back and edit before exposing it all to the world.

I often wish for this feature when I open my mouth.

For me, written communication is how I best express myself so I go with it. The fact that I figured out how to start a blog is still kind of amazing to me, even more so is the fact that other people take the time to read it.

So what does this ramble have to do with Facebook?

I’ve been on “The Facebook”—when you hang out with old people they put “the” in front of everything—for years, but have resisted making a blog page. First of all, we know all about my technical difficulties. Second of all, I don’t really get the whole point.

I’m told it’s necessary to socially network these days past a simple Facebook account. But to me, creating a blog page kind of feels like nominating myself for Homecoming Queen or entering into some popularity contest that is rigged to be won by the girl with bigger boobs and talents, both of which  half the football team has witnessed first-hand.

Plus, I know I don’t like feeling obligated to “like” things I kind of just feel “meh” about. If there was a “meh” button, I would feel much more comfortable with the commitment. The last thing I want to do is make anyone feel obligated to “like” my little blog when I probably don’t like half the people who would “like” it anyway.

But I decided to give it a shot.

It ended up taking me a ridiculous amount of time and a bit of trial and error, but there is now an “Abby Has Issues” fan page on Facebook for no reason other than I’m stubborn and my failed attempts simply pissed me off enough that there was no way I was going to NOT make the damn page.

I told you I have issues.

Creating the page was no big deal—a picture and a link—but the Facebook badge thing on the actual website was another story. A few Google searches revealed that it wasn’t operator error—success!—but that certain WordPress blogs do not allow certain Facebook code (blah, blah, blah) for Facebook “Like” boxes.

You can skirt it by putting in a Facebook Page Badge, which is what I did over there on the side.  Consider that my public service to anyone else who might encounter the same issue.


I don’t know how I feel about it. It feels weird and self-serving. I hate advertising and it feels like I’m campaigning for popularity when all I want to do is ramble on about things that are spewing from my overcrowded brain.

 So “like” it if you want. Don’t “like” it if you don’t want. Heck, like it and then “unlike” it just to mess with me if you want. Depending on my mood and level of unwarranted insecurity, I might decide it’s lame and delete it in a week (the Facebook page, not the blog.)

And just for the record, I feel the same exact way about this post. However, after spending the time writing it and sharing my plight through the world of technology, there was no way I was NOT going to publish it.

Like it or not.


So enlighten me here. What is the benefit of having a page for your blog on Facebook? Isn’t it essentially the same thing as linking your posts to your own profile?

Can I just delete the thing or does it serve a purpose that I’m missing?