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Tweet, Tweet

Well, I caved.

I must confess that you can now count me among the more than 200 million people that attempt to communicate, amuse and enlighten in less than 140 characters.

And because that sentence is longer than 140 characters and I’m suffering from Motivation and Inspiration Deficit Disorder (MIDD) — it’s a real thing if I say it is — I decided to write up a post.

My name is Abby, and I joined Twitter.

Considering I’m years behind the popularity curve on this one, I realize it’s not a big deal. However, for me, it kind of is if only because I was so adamant about not joining Twitter for so long. Plus, I like to overanalzye things and figured this was another one to pick a part and find a deeper meaning for.

So why the Twitter timidity?

For a while I maintained that I had better things to do with my time, which after a day on Twitter I still think is probably the case (but it’s fun!)

Anyway, I didn’t see the point in spending any more energy on something else that would distract my already distracted thoughts from the important things I should be doing (like catching up on Kitchen Nightmares and protecting my flowers and fountain from crazy chain smoking neighbor lady and her flammable cocktails.)

She swears they’re thriving because she chants over them with her morning coffee.

So when everyone told me it was a great way to connect with people, I countered with the fact that I was already on Facebook. When they told me it was a great way to meet new people and find new opportunities, I countered with the fact that I was already on Facebook. You can see where I was going with my argument…apparently to Facebook.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the main reason I wasn’t jumping on this bandwagon was because I already felt left behind. I felt like I missed the boat and treading water was easier than dipping my toe in the deep end. Plus, I really had (have) no idea how it works in terms of making the most of the features.

However, the more that I read things about it from people I trust and respect — enter more overanalysis — the more I realized that it really could be beneficial and not just another time suck to distract me from the fact that I’m creatively constipated.

So I’m taking my own advice again and only posting on my blog when I feel inspired—once a day or once a week—and Twitter looks like a great way to still satisfy the attention whore in me by sharing a few witty lines and reading the great links from others.

To be honest, I really like it.

Considering it’s only been a day, it’s safe to say I’m still in the honeymoon stages of our relationship. I haven’t been annoyed with metaphorical toilet seats left up or dirty dishes brought right next to the sink but not actually placed in the water. While I only have a few followers and still feel like the kid that joins the class in the middle of the year and is three steps way behind, I am feeling my way through and trying to figure out how to make the most of this new medium.

I don’t plan on following a million people — I don’t need any more obligations and actually like writing and breathing outdoor oxygen — but if it can connect me to more people that make my life a little richer, a little more inspired and my blog a little better, then it will be worth my time.

If it’s not, no big deal.

But I can be pretty damn funny, and with only 140 characters I have no obligation to explain myself.

Tweet, tweet.

Any Twitter suggestions or things I should know about?