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It’s All About Me

One of my biggest blogging apprehensions is that people will think I use it as a platform of self-indulgence, that I only want to talk about myself. Despite evidence to the contrary—this whole darn blog— that’s really not my intent. I’m not that interesting.

That’s why I never do any of those blog “meme” things that make the rounds. In fact, I hate that word “meme” and had to look it up a couple months ago to find out what it was. Anyway, I avoid them and pretend they don’t exist—kind of like children.

But when the fantabulous Jess tagged with with this one, I simply couldn’t refuse (mostly because I don’t have many friends and I’m desperate for her to like me.)


I’m kidding…kind of.

Anyway, I’m not sure what it’s all about, but the bottom line is that I’m supposed to tell you 10 random things about myself. So even though I’ve been a crank pot all week and haven’t felt like writing, I’ve decided to be self-indulgent and overshare uninteresting things.

You can blame Jess.

Me #1: I listen to sports talk radio 99 percent of the time. While I like music enough, it’s pretty much all sports all the time.

Me #2: I like plastic silverware. I don’t know where this came from, but even when I’m home, I prefer to use plastic silverware as opposed to the real thing (but yes, I use the real stuff most of the time.) I know it’s not “green,” but I do wash it and reuse it. In fact, it’s because I use it at work and bring it home to wash that I end up using it at home.

Me #3: Staying with the utensil theme, I also like to eat out of bowls and drink with a straw. I consider both of them to be preventative measures, as I am prone to spilling. While I don’t take bowls with me wherever I go, I do have a little baggie of coffee stir straws in my purse and a bag of my tea—my other three-times-a-day obsession—for those emergency situations.

Me #4: Even though I’m a vegetarian , I still like the smell of grilled BBQ chicken, bacon and a turkey in the oven at my mom’s house. Sometimes it grosses me out, but sometimes it just smells like home.

Me #5:  I love goats.


Especially baby goats.

Me #6: While my obsessions aren’t really a secret, I have a special thing for brushing my teeth and cleaning my ears every day with a Q-tip. Also, I like to smell nice, so I have a wide variety of perfumes and smelly lotions that I use on a daily basis, even if I’m just hanging out with myself. Sometimes I’ll even spray it on before bed.

I’m fancy.

Me #7: I still don’t know what I want to be doing five years from now. My ideal situation would have me working in an organic grocery store/bakery/coffeehouse/yoga studio in a community of like-minded, animal-loving Zen people, but I haven’t found that yet.

Me #8: A lot of what I think when I start to write something in my head is done in poetic form. It’s rhythmic and actually quite annoying, as it’s like getting a song stuck in your head and not being able to remember the words (because you’ve yet to write them.) I rarely write them down, but once in awhile I’ll make a post out of them and share with the class.

Me #9: You’ll think I’m nuts, but I’ve had more than my share of dream premonitions. No, I can’t predict lottery numbers, but I’ve had dozens of dreams about many “big” things that have later come to fruition in one way or another. More often than not I’ll dream of someone I haven’t seen in forever and they’ll contact me or something the next day. It’s weird, but my mom does it, too.

Me #10: If I had the discipline and patience, I could write one kick-ass memoir. No one really knows how I’ve got to where I am—wherever that is—and I think it would be an insanely entertaining and poignant read. However, I have no discipline or patience, so you get this blog.  

Bonus Me: I obviously can’t just list something without feeling the need to explain myself.


But look! Another baby goat—in a feed dish!

While I could bestow this blog award on a whole bunch of people who are much cooler than me, I won’t put the pressure on anyone else. (But if you do it on your blog, let me know so I can stalk you.)

What I will do is put the pressure on you to comment with one thing about you.