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Dear Abby: Quit It

Dear Abby,

I know (you think) you’re busy, but it’s time we had a talk. No, not “the talk,” although you could probably use a refresher course on the actual mechanics of that as well.

We need to have a talk because although you are good at quite a few things, there are some things you just need to quit. Sometimes you forget, which is why I’m here to remind you of a few things:

  • Blogging isn’t your job, so quit putting stress on yourself. When creatively blocked, anything written sounds forced. You get panicked, completely sure you won’t be able to come up with anything before that imaginary deadline appears. There is no deadline. There is no pressure. If there is no post, there is no problem. The best post ideas simply pop in your head, so chill the freak out from now on.
  • Quit yelling at inanimate objects before making sure they’re plugged in. Said objects and anyone in the vicinity will appreciate that gesture.
  • Quit trying to keep up. If it’s depth you want, you won’t find it in the quantity of people you’re involved in, but rather in the quality of people you’re involved with—online and off. There are too many things that suck way too much time. Choose wisely, have fun and move on. There are no rules.
  • That body you have? Quit taking it for granted. Yes, you eat healthy and exercise, but you know what I mean. You’ve been relatively lucky so far, but don’t push your luck.
  • Quit looking for answers outside of yourself. You will find your niche eventually—personally and professionally—but the answer won’t be found on the path that somebody else took. Live your life, not in comparison to any virtual stranger or things that you’ve done in the past, but in accordance to what you want now (TBD, I know, I know. We can talk about this later.) 
  • You live alone, so quit expecting the shower to clean itself. Not going to happen.
  • Quit saying “no” when perhaps you should say “yes.” There are routines and then there are ruts. I know you like things the way they are, but life begins outside your comfort zone.
  • And quit rolling your eyes after reading that.
  • Sometimes you lose focus and get jealous of things that other people do or get, even if they are things that you wouldn’t exactly want for yourself. Quit trying to squeeze yourself into a mold that’s entirely wrong. That never works. You get cranky. Surround yourself with things/people that make you feel good and avoid all the others that don’t.
  • Quit pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about.
  • Insisting that people address you as the Polish Princess every other Friday of the month? Quit that. It’s a bit excessive. Scale it down to once a month and call it good.
  • I know with constant streams of information everywhere, you struggle with the speed at which your words can be forgotten. Quit letting that stop you from writing. Write for you. Make words vulnerable to the possibility of being skimmed over and forgotten because the alternative is not putting them out there at all.
  • On a related note, sometimes you act insecure. That’s annoying. Quit it. You’re really not that bad.
  • Finally, quit worrying about the fact that I put this post up, that it isn’t funny and that you have nothing waiting in the wings (see my first point, as I’m sure you’ve already forgotten.) Knowing you, you’ll get attacked by a woodchuck or be part of a flash mob in the grocery store. When this happens, you will blog about it.


The Voice of Reason

P.S. Quit doing that thing where you spray perfume/air freshener and then proceed to walk straight into it with your mouth open. Sigh…one of these days you will learn.

This post is in response to the Studio30 Plus prompt:

Write About Something You Quit