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Bust A Move

This is Post Two of the 30 Posts of Shamelessness Challenge—look a fool. 

I’m a skinny Polish white girl that can’t dance well, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still get out on the dance floor and give it all I’ve got.


In fact, if my dancing skills are challenged, I will take that opportunity to jump up on the stage and prove just how right you are as I bust a move and sing a bunch of made-up words that sound right in my head.

I generally just try and imitate whoever else is out there on the dance floor, throwing up my arms or doing some hybrid squat/Beyonce thing that ends up looking like a epileptic call for help, but I have fun.

And I’m always making faces, as I think it really adds to the sexy/dramatic effect, no?

For the record, that picture was taken at a club a couple of years ago.

I was completely sober.

Look a fool?

Done and done.

So, do you think you can dance?