This Is a Cry for Yelp

I’ve never used Yelp, the site dedicated to “connecting people and businesses” based on user reviews. This is mostly because I rarely go places that would require a review to convince me to visit them and also because most people who write online reviews sound like the kind of people I would find in Walmart wearing pajama pants, a paper tiara, and Crocs. 

But with that said, I thought it would be interesting to find out just how I would be viewed Yelp-wise from the perspective of those who are forced to spend the most time with me–the things in my house. 


User: Fridge

The ambiance is a bit like a disco–light goes on, light goes off, light goes on, light goes off. I don’t really know what goes on out there, but she always dances around when she sees me. As for the food, it’s good and vegan so you can always throw that into conversation when you want people to leave you alone. And she keeps things nice and clean, often bringing home new additions to my shelves like a lion proudly bringing home prey. 

Given the amount of time she spends with me, she could probably learn to cook like an Iron Chef instead of someone who uses the smoke detector as her kitchen timer. All in all though, 3/4 stars.  

User: Vacuum

Now I realize that I was brought here to do a job, but honestly, being told I “suck” all the time is NOT helpful. I mean, yes, it’s my job to suck, but that string on the ground that she forces me to run over and over again could be picked up in two seconds if she would bend over and do it herself? Do I have to do everything here? 

Anyway, I have to admit that when she puts on Eminem and raps while we go through the living room, it’s kind of fun. If you don’t mind the manual labor, about 3/4 stars.  

User: Couch

When I first came here eight years ago, I had really high hopes given the description of “nice house, nice neighborhood, single woman occupant in her mid-20s” blah blah blah. It had potential for a rocking social scene, you know?  I soon came to realize that the environment was much less “Sex and the City” and more “Sister Wife to Her Ass.”

But with that said, I’ve come to enjoy it quite a bit. The food she drops on my cushions has variety and nuance, and watching her invent new yoga poses while fishing a chickpea from under me is always worth a good chuckle. Good food, good entertainment, job security. I have to go with 4/4 stars. 

User: One “Real” Bra That I Have

It’s so dark in this drawer. So, so very dark. I’ve lost count of how long it’s been since I’ve seen the light of day. We  used to go on adventures, like dinners and that night in college when she woke up hung-over in a frat house and found me stuck in a fan. We were close, dare I say bosom buddies. But now it’s all “sports bra” this and “sports bra” that.

Victoria’s Secret was apparently that I would fall as flat as her chest after just a few years in service. Needless to say this neglect relegates me to assigning 0/4 stars. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Go! Save yourself! 

User: Toaster

Normally I enjoy my time here and give it high marks. We have an understanding. Bread goes in, handle goes down, bread pops up. Clean transaction. But lately I’m just tired and will “occasionally” refuse to keep the handle down, therefore negating the actual toasting I’m pressed into service to do.

I mean, can’t I get a day off? Obviously not, as she came back at me with, “Well, aren’t WE the defiant little bastard today,” so I made her bread come out unevenly browned and bitter at the forced interaction.

The next time she decided to try a different approach with, “Yes, take your time. I’ll just hold the handle down while you decide what you’d like to do with this bread.” That worked a bit better—sometimes you just have to ask nicely. The moral of the story is that if you’re an appliance looking for a place to hang out, it could be worse, so I’ll go with 3/4 stars.

At least she cleans the crumb tray. 

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13 responses to “This Is a Cry for Yelp

  1. Loved these ratings…..I dare not ask my own appliances what they think of me.

  2. Only Abby could write a post like this. Who else would ever consider what his/her appliances have to say? I’m a little afraid to ask, however – what do the washer and dryer have to say? Or are they simply relegated to the basement and expected to work day in and day out without any opinion at all? (Oh, wait, that’s my office life – got a little confused for a moment, sorry.)

  3. Ha! I think my couch would be pleased with all the attention i give it.

    I wonder what my cat thinks of me. She probably loves me, right? Right?!?

  4. Projecting yourself onto inanimate objects and then evaluating your own lifestyle and idiosyncrasies–that’s some serious metaphysical shit right there. And an excellent use of everybody’s time. Nicely done. 4/4 stars

  5. mycoffeegourmet

    Found this by chance, but smiled all the way thru. Cant stop reading now.

  6. You are such a special writer my fav to read so glad when you post

  7. Me and my appliances have an agreement. I don’t drop them on the floor and they leave alone when I’m in the bathtub. 😉

  8. The tech savy appliances are watching…and spreading the word through their internet connections about you…wait until you try to purchase replacements without them knowing!

  9. I’m sure my fridge hates me

  10. I’m quite certain the iron would report me to appliance services for neglect and abandonment.

    You make me laugh.

  11. Ha ha! Thanks for making my laugh. I was feeling a bit *blah* today. 🙂

  12. Great to “meet” you. I was looking at a very old post from another blog where it listed “funny bitches”. Sadly, most of those links led to blogs that hadn’t been touched in years. I’m new and I can already see I like you. Mostly because I typed the word “penis” into your search and got matches. That’s my minimum criteria for subscribing and following 🙂

  13. Found this by chance, but smiled all the way thru. Cant stop reading now.

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