Funny Notes, Cool Cakes, and the Cutest Animals on the Internet

True story.


Anyway, it’s been a couple weeks since I dropped a bunch of GREAT links on you from 22 Words that I highly recommend you click on, read, and share with the world because you JUST CAN’T KEEP THE AWESOME TO YOURSELF.

Or at least find one or two things that make you smile. And if you can’t find something to make you smile below, you probably have no soul. No soul, I say!

At any rate, I’ll try and write something new at some point in time in between playing the connect the dots and doing that work thing, but for now, enjoy.

35 Hilarious Notes from Seriously Unimpressed Neighbors  (Be glad you don’t live by these people.)

Road-Tripping Guinea Pig Wins the Heart of the Internet

40 Funny Notes Left of Windshields for People Who Can’t Part (a lot of you on my Facebook page seemed to relate.)

Stay-At-Home Dad Hilariously Uses Post-It Notes to Tell His Story

Could This Adorable Dog Be The Smallest Pug in the World (the only thing cuter than a pug is a teeny, tiny pug.)

30 Ridiculous Notes from Roommates Who are Tired of Dealing With Your Crap

Absolutely Brilliant Ways to Subtly Mess With People

36 Honest Thoughts EVERYONE Has Had While Driving

Incredibly Stunning Cakes that Look EXACTLY Like Other Foods  (I can’t even make a cake that looks like a cake, much less looks like a burrito.)

Amazing Pictures Taken at EXACTLY the Right Moment (So, so cool.)

40 Hilariously Honest Notes Only Kids Could Get Away With Writing 

Cancer Survivor Creates Empathy Cards She Wishes that She Had Been Sent

30 Parents Who are DEFINITELY Smarter Than Their Kids  (One word: OWNED)

Shameless Animals Who Want JUST ONE Bite of Your Food (food + animals = win)

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One response to “Funny Notes, Cool Cakes, and the Cutest Animals on the Internet

  1. Thanks for all these cool links!

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