Things You Should Spend Your Time on the Internet Reading

In my defense, it IS my job to look at the Internet.


At any rate, if you’re going to go look at the Internet for the 103rd time today, I have some suggestions from the gazillion things I’ve written for work. This is not an exhaustive list of things I’ve written, but rather a few things I thought you might like. 

(Disclaimer: I do encourage following of 22 Words, but I was not paid to say that and also don’t want people to think that’s annoying which is why this is a disclaimer in parenthesis.)

So new post next time, but lots of good stuff below. 

Hilarious Dogs Who Instantly Regretted Their Questionable Decisions

40 Hilarious Flyers People Actually Took the Time to Create and Post

Cat With a Broken Neck But Got a Second Chance at a New Life

36 People Who Should Just Stay Out of the Kitchen Forever

Mom’s Remarkable Photo Series Turns Special Needs Kids Into Superheroes

41 Cats Who Made Questionable Choices They Instantly Regretted

Graduation Cakes That Have Failed in the Most Hilarious Ways

36 Restaurant Typo Fails That  Change EVERYTHING About Eating Out 

Photographer Captures the Beauty of Food in Stunning Rainbow-Colored Pictures

Epic Fails From People Who Had Just ONE Job

42 Strange Things People Found on Their Receipts

Warning Signs That Prove Common Sense Isn’t So Common

50 Insanely Delicious Things You Can Do With Oreo Cookies

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5 responses to “Things You Should Spend Your Time on the Internet Reading

  1. Checking out the dogs and cats who instantly regret their decisions first, of course.

  2. My favourites are ’40 Hilarious Flyers’, ’36 Restaurant Typo Fails’ and ‘Warning Signs That Prove Common Sense Isn’t So Common’. I now have a strong urge to print all the Flyers and post them up around my neighbourhood. Alternatively, post one every week at the bus stop, just to brighten someone’s day.
    Thanks Abby, you have brightened my day.

  3. Great post!! All the funny stuff in one place!

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