From PB & J and Sriracha to Adorable Animals and Inappropriate Books

I’ll have a real post for you next time, but I figure most people are either on Spring Break or suffering from a hangover that involves deviled eggs and chocolate and haven’t been dealing with a computer virus that was emotionally and financially draining and two broke appliances that is extremely stressful and crappy like someone I know. 

Anyway, I thought I would drop a few links from the gazillion things over at 22 Words in case you wanted to do some reading.

Because let’s be honest.

You’re probably already over the family time and no longer care where that final Easter egg that nobody can find is hidden. The smell will reveal the location soon enough, so curl on up and click a few links. 


These 25 Hilariously Creepy Easter Bunny Photos Are the Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of (Seriously. What were these parents thinking?)

 30 Mouthwatering PB & J Creations That Take the Classic to a Whole Different Level (I can’t believe I get to write about this for my job.) 

35 Revenge Tactics From People Who Are Over Your Horrible Parking Job

She Was Sick and Abandoned in the Cold, But Now Marnie the Dog is an Internet Sensation (you have to see her pictures)

30 Futuristic Inventions You’ll Wonder How You’re Living Without

30 Spicy Products that Prove Sriracha is the New Black (except it’s red, and hot sauce.)

How Two Abandoned Shelter Animals Created a Bond That Will Last Their Whole Lives (so much adorableness here I can’t take it.)

25 Incredibly Inappropriate Children’s Books You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Anyway, those are just a handful of my posts because I’m sure you’re tired of me telling you to read things when you really want to go find that one last piece of chocolate you KNOW IS SOMEWHERE IN THE HOUSE. 

Good luck with that and I’ll see you back here next time. 

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3 responses to “From PB & J and Sriracha to Adorable Animals and Inappropriate Books

  1. LOL is all i can say

  2. Got some good laughs out of these today! Those Easter Rabbits…. yikes! 😉

  3. That’s awful about the computer virus (internet porn is bad) and broken appliances. Hopefully one wasn’t the fridge. I’d lose my sh*t.

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