Balance, Burnout and Other Things That Don’t Start with “B”

A few of you have asked for an update on how things are going with the new job, so instead of a lame attempt at humor today, that’s what you’re going to get.

I’m still really enjoying the new job a lot—and of course, it’s only been a couple of weeks—but there have been so many times I’ve stopped what I was doing and thought, “I get to this for my job. Holy crap.”

But it’s also a bit exhausting.


Some posts have up to 50 pictures that I need to find, size, source, etc. along with writing the post, formatting it, etc. Seeing as I’m doing 2-5 posts every day, I am just trying to keep my head above water.

This is not a complaint, by the way, but simply a necessary introduction.


You see, I sometimes struggle with that whole “balance” thing in that my lovely OCD compels me to do ALL THE THINGS right away even though ALL THE THINGS don’t need to be done right away. I see an email or something on my “to-do” list and just want to cross it off, like it’s an itch I need to scratch.

This is great for productivity in that I don’t just shut down my brain or computer when the “traditional” work day is done, but this is not great for everything else in that I don’t just shut down my brain or computer when the “traditional” work day is done. 

It’s in part because I’m going to need to reach an insane amount of page views each month, and I have this nagging thought in my head that this isn’t “real” yet, that the emotional rug is going to be pulled out from under me and I’ll be right back to where I was. It just makes me work even harder.

See above–and my overflowing, “throw it there I’ll get to it later” table–for resulting actions.

I trust that it’s going to take some time to build up speed with things there and eventually I’ll let myself exhale. In the meantime, I’m trying to balance everything else because of that whole, “All work and no play” thing, even if the work does feel like play at times.

And when I get overwhelmed, I remember that I am so fortunate to be where I am. The most toxic part of my work environment now is dealing with Comcast when my email goes out–HATE–and the screaming neighbor kids.


That’s where we come to this blog.

I’ll still be writing here, but I think I was getting a little burned out on this even before I started this job. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it—I do—but I don’t enjoy what goes along with it.

You can’t just write a post anymore and expect that people will read it. You have to promote it and invest a lot of time and motivation into playing that game—two things that I have in short supply. It’s also the reason I’ve shelved a draft of a third book I had thought about doing. I just hate the promotion side of things.

With my focus shifted, I’ve been really surprised at how I’ve been able to let those things go.

Before I was stressed if I didn’t have a post ready to go all the time, if my Facebook posts were well-received, etc. That sounds ridiculous, but I put such pressure on myself over a hobby, one that I enjoy but one that is that—just a hobby.

It’s actually kind of freeing. I like having to focus on something else and not worrying about that anymore. But again, that obsessive nature has shifted to work now, and I have to moderate it going forward.

But, a day at a time and I plan on kicking some professional ass.  When I get inspired to blog, I’ll blog. If I don’t, I won’t and won’t worry about it.

Deal? Deal.

Other Things

With that ridiculous ramble aside—I do promise a normal post next time—I thought I would drop a couple links from 22 Words from this week. 

I won’t bore you with all gazillion of them and will share some more at the end of the month–there are some good ones in the works–but here a couple you might enjoy. See you back here in a couple of days. 

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16 responses to “Balance, Burnout and Other Things That Don’t Start with “B”

  1. Oooooh I feel you on the burnout. Just take one day at a time 🙂

  2. I don’t think people really understand writing. They think blogging is 1 thing and writing is another. They’re not. They’re both knifing open your heart and bleeding onto a page/screen. Then you have to run out into traffic with all of the other people and not get run over by cars rolling at 100mph aka promotion.

    I relate to every word. I admit when I heard about your new gig I says to myself, “I hope her issues survive”.

    Glad you’re still here, however that is.

    • Thanks. I DO have posts in my head and in draft form for here so I’m not really going anywhere, but it’s more or less just letting go of that pressure to have people read them now. The work writing is 100 percent different than here, and I like them both for different reasons, but this is where I go to be “me, ” for better or worse. That’s not going to change 😉 I just kind of miss blogging the way it was before. I know you can relate. But I also have to prioritize, and right now I’m SO thrilled to be doing what I’m doing. It’s just finding that balance. And I’m also glad your issues survive on the screen as well 😉 Now bring on baseball, my friend.

  3. Keep on swimming sister. And I hear you re:Comcast. They sucksucksuckitysuck.

  4. Loved that you “shared” on this blog. The articles were great too. I always felt like it took me about 5 to 6 months to feel comfortable in any new job. Good luck and I’m so glad you are enjoying the work.

  5. I say they are lucky to have you. You’re going to totally rock it! Congratulations!

  6. I totally get the marketing grind thing. It really gets to me as well, because I find it boring as much as anything but as you say, without marketing your writing remains a secret,

  7. deal! i’ll be hear waiting!

  8. We’re here for you, but don’t drive yourself nuts either. There’s lots of other people doing that for you 😉 Enjoy your job, remember you are one person and there are only so many hours in a day. You will be fine, exhale and be present 😀

  9. “I just hate the promotion side of things.” – so true! It spoils all the fun.

  10. Glad you like the job but you are not allowed to go anywhere. Okay wait. That’s not supportive. Um.. YOU DO YOU! And such.

  11. it’s funny, one of my favorite blogs when I first started reading them (and this was one of them, too 😉 was hilarious and engaging and honest, and then you could see the shift as the writer ‘grew into’ their social media shoes and I couldn’t really read it anymore. I’ve never felt that over here, but I can see where, behind the scenes, as you guys get more recognition and people talk about how funny you are, and you’re in books and whatnot, that the fun could start to feel a little strained around the edges. I’ll patiently stay here and wait for you, and be happy knowing that when you DO post things, it’s because you wanted to 😉

    • Who are these people getting more recognition and being told how funny they are? 😉 Not me! It’s because I’m not into that promotion. I would rather have a small legion of loyal readers I consider friends than a million complete strangers who really couldn’t care less. Thank YOU for sticking around 🙂

  12. I’m no good at the promotion nonsense either. I get the purpose but also feel it’s a little like selling your soul to the devil. Why can’t my writing and love of simple foods stand for themselves? Oh wait because people don’t know about them if I don’t promote them. Damn catch 22.

    Do you, but with a little bit of balance. Erase the self created pressure and enjoy it.

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