Professional Issues

Alternate title: I can be bought

Copy writing? Editing? Insight and humor to punch up your work? I’m your gal. 

I have needed a creative outlet my whole life, and it just so happens that people will occasionally pay you to write words. After graduating with a degree in professional writing, I went on to experience everything from freelance sports writing and non-profit communications to being an editorial assistant for a professional sports team.

The past seven years I was a writer and editor of national trade publications, each with a circulation of more than 20,000 subscribers, predicting and publishing retail trends in the specialty gift, party and stationery industries. I contributed more than 100 nationally published features a year and was also responsible for all additional editorial content of the magazines, websites and enewsletters.

I’m no longer with the company and currently working freelance

My work has been featured multiple times on The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Thought Catalog, YourTango, Bustle, XO Jane, The Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop, In the Powder Room and more.

Aside from the links above, samples of my work as managing editor and head writer of national trade publications–as well as references–are available upon request. 

If you would be interested in my services for freelance writing, editing, etc. please email me at

Despite the picture of me smoking asparagus, I promise I am very professional.  I even have a LinkedIn profile that I’ve yet to find

After all, my ultimate goal is to become independently wealthy so I can live on an island where I work on my exotic container gardens while tirelessly devoting myself to perfecting the slow motion “Baywatch” jog.

And I’m willing to do anything necessary to make that dream come true.

2 responses to “Professional Issues

  1. Sounds like you stay busy. Good luck with the independent wealth. I’m hoping for a visit from Publishers Clearinghouse myself. Just hope they don’t come in to see all the housework I’ve neglected while devoting myself to getting more entries in the sweepstakes.

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