Tipsy Turkey Day

T’was the week of Thanksgiving, and all through the house,

People were blogging and clicking their mouse.

Looking for last-minute things they could share,

And figuring out just what dish to prepare.

Family soon would arrive at their door,

To eat lots of food and to drink even more.

Yes, the holidays are such a two-sided sword,

Eating gravy and taters and pies made of gourd.

But then there are in-laws with “helpful advice,”

Or that weird cousin’s kid with a head full of lice.

But seeing it’s only for one day a year,

Just muster a smile and shotgun a beer.

Then go and head over to read for some fun,

About my Thanksgiving spent with a drunk nun.

In the Powder Room is where I’m having my say,

So click here and then have a great Turkey Day!

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10 responses to “Tipsy Turkey Day

  1. Like I wasn’t already freaked out there will be kids at my table on Thursday, now I have to think about them having lice???

  2. Bookmarking this in case someone asks me to “say a few words” and the Thanksgiving dinner table – awesome!

  3. This is completely charming — just like you. Happy Thanksgiving, Abby!

  4. crap, I always have to sit at the kids’ table.

    Happy Day of giving thanks to you and mom

  5. I am thankful for your talent and wit. I am thankful for you.

  6. Hope you survived with wits intact

  7. Man you’re good.
    I knew I was missing a step. I needed to shotgun a beer. Next year for sure.

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