This is what happens when I don’t exercise so much…

 Instead of a workout outside or at home,

I decided to fill up this post with a poem.

(Sometimes when I’m stressed out, I just want to go.

But writing’s a healthier option, I know.)

But what should I write to get in a good mood?

Of course, we all know, that it comes back to food.

So lets get creative and take a quick look,

at some of the recipes, I’d like to cook (if I cooked, of course).

I eat avocados in salads, on wheat.


But topping off oat bran?

A new breakfast treat!

While chickpeas are stapes in my veggie/rice dishes,

these fun concoctions just look most delicious!

This summer I OD’d on corn in the raw,

with salads that had every veggie I saw.

salad11 But while my own salads always looked the same,

these lovely ladies sure stepped up their game!

Then there’s those who have thought me  quite insane,

when they find out what’s spent on my Greek yogurt (plain).

yogurt I don’t get creative with this cultured treat,

but how good does this look and isn’t this neat?

And lately I’m going through quite the egg phase,

but fix them in all the traditional ways.

But this is creative and here is one more,

both dishes I hope to cook up and explore.

I never knew oats could be made is such ways,

yet these delicious creations could go on for days!

So could my love for all things almond butter,

(I have to admit that these made my heart flutter.)

And I like may taters, and I like them sweet.

sweet But how ‘bout scooped out and then filled for this treat?

All these new recipes swirl in my head,

and beg to be swallowed…

yep, that’s what she said!


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19 responses to “This is what happens when I don’t exercise so much…

  1. I love your writing style! :-D

  2. oh this is such a fun poem! lots of lovely links as well :)

  3. Hehehe… so glad I was inspiring. That’s one of the best combos; I think the honey is what really does it for me.

  4. Ha ha! I love this post–how fun! You are so talented :) xoxo

  5. Haha great poem! Definitely a productive way to spend your time. Thanks for the shoutout :)

  6. haha i love the rizzles and rhymes. spices thangs up – thanks for the shoutout lady!

  7. this totally made my morning! fabulous.

  8. What a fun post. I am not nearly this creative! Although you have made me a little less productive because now I need to go check out all the great blogs linked :)

  9. Hee hee hee! Love you Abby! Come here and I’ll make my pancake for you!

  10. I LOVE this post!! You are so creative and boy does my brain feel on overload now thinking about a) trying out all these new recipes and b) checking out the awesome blogs you’ve introduced!

    Thanks again for your thoughtful comments you left on my blog – I really appreciate them..

  11. Peanut Butter Bliss

    haha what a fun post!!
    this is so creative too! love me some okios :)

  12. As usual, an entertaining, engaging & imaginative post. I’m jealous of your way with words.

  13. adorable! that must’ve taken some time, huh?

  14. Actually, not really. What took me the longest was trying to remember where I saw certain recipes and figuring out how to link them :) Oh, the joys of being technically challenged…

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